Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Fourth Option

Options, options.  When making a stained glass window one must consider what color the lead will be once the project is completed.  In the past we've had basically three options to 'finish' our stained glass windows.  We could leave the lead silver, you could color it copper, or you could turn it black.  Now, thanks to Novacam, we have a fourth choice: Neon Green.  Superglo comes in a handy spray container and is applied the same way that any other patina is applied.  There's no wait after the application, just wash it off, wax it, and enjoy the rich semi-florescent green hue that your lead takes on. Superglo Neon Green won't wash off and is great for outdoor projects that face the harsh elements.

In the daylight Superglo's green is clearly visible yet it's far from overpowering.  Many users say that the lead takes on a well-weathered  copper look.  Here's a look at a beveled window that's been colored with Superglow Neon Green Patina.

But where most windows disappear at night, Superglo shows it's true color in the dark of night when your lead actually glows in the dark allowing you to enjoy your window in the middle of the afternoon or the middle of the night.  Just look at this night shot of the same window.

Novacam Superglow Green is easy to use, safe, reasonably priced, and available at most Stained Glass Suppliers.  Get your bottle today.  And be sure to look for Superglo Nuclear Blue, coming soon!

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