Friday, May 20, 2016

Doomsday Prepping

For those who missed class this week, you missed a very important newsflash that sent shock waves through the entire art glass industry. Last week Spectrum Glass announced that they will be permanently closing. They will continue to manufacture glass for about 60 days, sell off their remaining stock and close the door. This means that many of your favorite colors and textures of glass will be disappearing forever. Some of the popular favorites that will be going away are, sunflower yellow, root beer textures, LSU colors, black & clear wispy, wispy colors, krinkle, rainwater & most of the other clear textures that we normally carry. This has created a nationwide frenzy to stock up on favorites before they are gone. Our sales people at Delphi have dubbed this frenzy 'Doomsday Prepping'. This frenzy has reached even to our remote area of the bayou as we have sold an unprecedented quantity of glass this week. After receiving the news I placed our largest ever glass order to build up our stock. In addition, I have also been taking special orders from our students who want to stock up on their favorites. At the moment, prices from our supplier are stable, this will probably change as supplies dwindle. We are offering to special order glass for our customers in half sheet quantities. Half sheets measure 24"x 24" and the order must be paid for when it is placed. If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, contact us as soon as possible. I am currently compiling yet another crate order and it may be the last one for some time.

While this change may be a bumpy road for a while, it is just a transition and the industry will survive. This isn't the end of art glass, it is just a change. Hopefully when the road smooths out again it will be traveling through an even more beautiful area. The other glass manufacturers have a wide open door to expand their lines and a huge void to fill.  Spectrum's demise will be their competitors salvation. While I will deeply miss Spectrum's glass, I can't wait to see the beauty that blossoms in their ashes.  Farewell Spectrum, we will miss you.
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