Monday, February 24, 2020

I Quit!

It's been a LONG day as we installed a pair of windows that took up most of the day.  Let me just say that I hate being on scaffolding!

So without further ado we're skipping the tip that usually starts our posts and jumping right into our students' work.

First up is Tracey who finished her Nativity Scene and it is stunning.  I'm partial to deep blues so this one really appeals to me.   Tracey did the majority of the work on this while at home and all I can say is that she's easily able to make windows on her own.  I just love the New Age/ Modern feel to this window.

Angie's Coffee Window was knocked out in record time and there's no mistaking what this is all about. Cream and sugar, anyone?

MiMi's got her Leaf Suncatcher finished before leaving and she's proved to be a master at the art of what our students call the 'tap tap' procedure.  Many people have trouble getting a nice bead around the outside of a suncatcher but MiMi had no problem at all.

Rowena put the finishing touches on her Stylized Fleur De Lis widow this week and the two different black glasses that she used in this compliment each other wonderfully.  

Carol finished another Cross Suncatcher and at first I thought it was identical to the one she completed last week but the Carol set me straight-- the colors have been reversed on this one.   Either way this looks great because with this pattern you just can't lose.

Lara's begun working on a new window this week and it's a Modern Floral design.  She's already cutting glass for this and as we all know, Lara wastes no time when it comes to getting a window completed!

Melissa's done it!  Her Peacock feathers are essentially ground and now she's grinding the accent pieces that still need to be inserted.  Once those accent pieces are ground and wrapped she'll place them on top of the pieces they fit into and trace around them and cut them. By grinding and wrapping them in foil before she traces them she'll get a much better fit since she won't have to allow for foil.

Shawn has begun working on an Address Window and since she's going to border it with bevels she spent her night making that border by wrapping the bevels and then tacking them together.  Now that she's accomplished that she'll cut the rest of her glass and then grind it to fit within the border.


Betty worked on two different windows this week.   Her Stylized Fleur De Lis is all cut and tacked so she's ready to get her border attached so she can begin soldering it.   Then there's her Floral Panel which is all ground now and ready to be wrapped and tacked so it can get a border also.

Lisa is making incredible progress on her Owl Window.  Now that everything has been cut she's learned how to grind one piece from a piece that touches it.  This always insures a quick and perfect fit while achieving it in the fastest way possible.   Lisa already has about half of her first window ground and it's looking great.

MiMi worked on this Art Nouveau Flower window while at home and almost managed to finish it off before class was over with.   This will be fitting into a wooden frame and I hope we get to see it in its finished state.

Jeff is ready to wash and color his window.  It most likely would have been completed this week if he didn't have to leave early for an appointment.   We'll see this hanging up in our completed windows section when we return for our next post. 

Susan D  has one dog leg left to go and then she'll be wrapping all of these pieces and tacking them together.  Why do we sometimes tack things together before all the glass is cut?  There are different reasons for that but please remember that 95% of the time we don't tack things together before all the glass is cut and ground.  In this case we don't want the pieces that make up the dog to shift and therefor distort her.  Plus, if this grows at all after the pieces are foiled it will grow evenly because of the way the dog has been drawn up and we can adjust for this by making the background smaller.    In short, just remember that unless there is a very good reason, you should cut all of your pieces before grinding.


Speaking of dogs, Jan began working on her Psychedelic Poodle Window that she is making for her daughter.   With the paws cut out Jan is ready to work her way upward toward this colorful dog's body and head.


Annette is so close to finishing her Max the Dog Window that it isn't even funny.  With just a little soldering left to go on the back side, she's got this window finished next week without a doubt.


Fran is back and she's working on her Fish Window.   She's decided to redesign it so she spent a good portion of the class redrawing the pattern so that the fish is jumping out of the water rather than being completely submerged under water.  She began cutting glass before class was over so she's on her way now.

Jeanne M has finished all of the cutting on her Easter Window and moved on over to the grinder this week. She's already got  two eggs and the Rabbit fitting together so it won't be long now before this is a completed project.

Jeannette started this Wedding Invitation Plaque the minute she walked in the door and when she left it only needed some channel to surround the glass and 2 hooks in the back.   Yes, for all intents and purposes, this is a completed project that essentially only needs a bath now.

Susan R is down just just a few pieces left to cut out for her background.  Before she can resume cutting these missing pieces she's going to have to tack together what she has fitting together so that she can lift the window and to more background glass underneath it.

Linda F's got all of her Fish Window ground (the bottom left section is going to be slightly redesigned)  and now she'll begin wrapping all of her pieces so she can tack it together and then make the changes to that empty corner.

Belinda got the front side of her Church Window all soldered and she then flipped it over and started working on the back side.  Her soldering looks great on the front and there's a good chance that she'll be able to complete this upon her return. 

Cindy's pair of Roosters are taking shape now that she's got more feathers cut and you can now easily see just how vibrant these Roosters are going to be.

Martha got all of her Flowing Window  tacked together which includes the border that she picked out.  She'll begin soldering this upon her return so this window is quickly nearing its completion.  If she solders this even half as good as she cut and ground it this will surely be a masterpiece for her.

Kerry really hoped to get his Deer Head Window completed this week but two sides of a window is generally too much soldering for someone to get done inside of 3 hours so here's a look at the back side of his window so very close to being completed.  I'm going to have to figure out what he wants to do when he returns to class because this won't take long at all to complete.


Mary Grace filled in the missing piece of her border and then cut, ground and wrapped the final darker, outer border.  There are just four pieces left to cut for this and then Mary Grace will begin soldering her Anchor Window.


Mary's begun working on a circular Magnolia Window and got her paper pattern traced out and cut out.   Glass cutting will occur when she walks back in the door next week.

Barbara H is working on 2 Dragonfly Lawn Ornaments which she managed to get all cut out. Alas, she boxed all of her pieces before my camera came out so what we have here is a picture of some of the glass that she left behind after cutting out her Dragonflies.

So there you have it.  When we return next week I promise to have a new tip to start things off.

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