Monday, December 7, 2020

Understanding The How's and Why's

I'm running late here tonight so we're just going to jump right into things here starting with Jan's Madonna Window.  Measuring a demure 8 x 12 inches, this will rest on an easel rather than being hung in a window.  I have to say that I like these small religious windows that Jan seems drawn to.

Linda F completed her Dragonfly Panel this week and once again I didn't have to touch up any of her soldering.  You've got to love these colors.  I believe I heard her say that she picked the background first, then the border and finally the remaining color scheme for the window.  This is an excellent way to make your windows match perfectly.

This is the first time we're seeing these little Praying Angels but surely not the last time.  Annette picked out the pattern last week and has 2 others already cut out and ground.  She's also taken more glass home with her and plans on keeping busy working on them throughout the week!
Betty's Joy Panel is another project that she made for her Wrought Iron Stand in her front yard which always features a seasonal stained glass panel.   She used to change it 4 times a year but I think that at this point in time she might just have one panel made each month! 

Betty also added another Reindeer attached to her sled (figuratively speaking of course).  Her wire work is perfection and the painted eyes are equally impressive.  She may even have another of these in the works...

And Angie's second Angel Window looks every bit as good as her first one, just with a different color scheme.  With a pattern like this it's hard to make it look bad but when you pay attention to the details like Angie did, well, it just makes it look even better.
Lisa finished the Cat Tail portion of her Driftwood Fish Piece and when she walked out the door with it I had to say that it looked great... 

Then a few days later Lisa texted me a picture of the two pieces completely assembled.  Beautiful! 

Susan D was also busy while at home as she made this stunning Christmas Tree Suncatcher and then framed it with a potted, living wreath.  Just like Lisa, Susan understands that it's all about presentation and careful cutting.

And here's a closeup of the same Tree Suncatcher that Susan D made but this one was done by myself. 

Barbara H got her Trumpeting Angel completely ground which means that this will surely be ready for Christmas.  It's also a great example of how you can just 'go with the flow'.  Look at the bottom left pink piece of the gown and you can see that it doesn't quite follow the pattern.  Barbara accidentally broke the small curve but who's to say that pattern couldn't have been drawn that way?  In the end we both agreed that it made no difference to the overall design so this is what she's going with.
Now you may be wondering what this is and not without good reason because, let's face it, it's kind of hard to tell right now.  What you are looking at is the front of a three dimensional bird house that will hang from one of Susan R's trees.  It's hard to explain what it will look like until she takes this and its matching back side and the joins them together with glass.  Perhaps next week we'll get a better feel for what this will look like before it's completed.
Jan's Santa with a Christmas Tree is easy to see even though she's only halfway through having it cut out.  Aside from Santa's face there's really just background left to go on this so it's safe to say that she's moving right along on her newest project.

Beth B started a Trout Suncatcher and at this point she's a little confused as to what colors to use next for the fins.  I suggested that she grind what she's got and then she can get a much better feel for the colors that she already has cut which will help allow her to make an easier decision.

Lara has started a Townscape Window that will feature a ton of windows.   Alas, this window will go together much like Belinda's Church window did a few months back.  Lara will omit the windows and then cut them into place AFTER all of the houses are cut and ground.  I can't help but think that this is going to be really impressive when it's finished.
Speaking of impressive, take a look at Rowena's Ballerina Window.  With her border now attached and the front side all soldered I have no doubt that she'll complete this upon her return.  I can't wait until you see what her border looks like with some light behind it.

With all of her Ornaments cut out Shawn is ready to begin cutting and grinding her background glass when she comes back in.  Truth be told, she should have it all cut and ground before she leaves her next class because she'll be cutting the background from one piece of glass which means that there will be very little grinding necessary.

Here's a window that surely didn't show all of its charm when we last saw it.  This week we find that Cindy's Escher Marble Swirl is now almost completely cut and ground.  Look at the complexity of some of the curves in this (as seen in the blow up on the right).  That's some expert cutting and grinding right there.

Linda wants to get one of these Tiger Faces together before Christmas so she can present one panel of this four Panel Lamp as a 'gift to come' on Christmas day.  I say that she's going to make it. With just the mouth left to go on one of these, the background should go fairly quickly.

Helen wasn't able to come into class last week but she did start work on a new LSU Window that she almost has completed.   She just needs one more piece of purple glass to finish off the 'U' and then she'll be able to tack this and then add the border.

Bee's Dog In A Bathtub window has completely taken shape this week.  She's going to add some bubbles to the left of the dog and then fill in 2 more background pieces after which she'll be set!  Does anyone else smell wet fur or is it just me????

Martha's Pelican is all cut out and has only a few more feathers left to grind before she can begin wrapping all of these pieces.  One of my favorite design points of this window is how the subject cuts into the border.  It's something I do whenever I can when drawing a pattern because it's not something you see done often and because it really sets off the subject in a unique way.
Susan D is grinding another Reindeer and for some odd reason this is currently making me think of The Godfather.  I'm sure that will change when the rest of the body is ground and in place on the pattern next to the head though. 

Mary Grace is fervently working to get this Address Window finished in time for Christmas and at this point it looks like she'll easily make it.  When she comes back in we'll get the borders cut out and then she'll be ready to solder and still have one more class before we call it a year.
Our second Pelican Window has its front side soldered which means that Cheryl could very well have this completed next week.  It's hard to say for sure because it all depends on the soldering but if it isn't finished when we return then she'll have it completed the following week.
Here's a look at Ann's latest Hand Mirror which she both ground and wrapped. All it needs now is to have a piece of mirror cut out and dropped into its center.  She'll start a new window next week and she has the pattern and glass all picked out already.
Last but not least we look at Kerry's latest Cross Window.  He's embellished the corners with glass nuggets and before class was finished he had the front side completely soldered.   I  have little doubt that he'll be finishing this upon his return.

We have a lot to accomplish in the next two weeks because after that we'll be closing the shop until the new year.  Not all of the projects that we've shown you need to be completed in time for Christmas but there are more than a handful that need to be.  Come back next week and I'll show you how much further along those projects get!


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