Monday, February 1, 2021

Mistakes Were Made

I'm a little unprepared this week so we're just going to jump right on in here.  First up we take a look at a Butterfly Lawn Ornament that Mary Grace has created.  The heavily textured clear glass trims the blue/purple wings beautifully and will surely light up any yard that this land in.

Next we have two different sized Leaded Beveled Christmas Ornaments.  All of the silver lead that surrounds the bevels completely encases 5 glass pieces.   A decorative solder process finishes off the effect beautifully.
Susan also finished another insanely popular Sunflower Heart.  This one features a baby blue sky which we haven't seen before in any other of the iterations of this pattern.  Look at the curves that make up the outside edge of the heart and you'll see some expert grinding and fitting here.
Long time readers know the drill when they see this particular Butterfly.  We're please to introduce our new student Judy M and show you the Butterfly Suncatcher that she created in her first class.  Judy had no problem at all cutting glass or handling any of the other processes involved in making this.   Now here's a quick heads up-- we're expecting another Butterfly next week as well.
Every once in a while we have a week where there aren't many completed projects in the shop and there isn't much to share save for projects that are still under construction.   Because of that I've been sitting on a few projects that students have made at home over the past two or three months for a week just like this.  Here we look at Bee's Ruby Slippers Window which showcases a very famous classic cinema scene.   This is wonderful work done 100% at home by Bee.  Surrender Dorthy!!
And Bee didn't stop there.   She also made this stained glass cross which rests precisely inside of an empty wooden frame that someone made for her.  The stained glass design was all her own and Bee flawlessly worked out all of the problem areas where hinging could occur.  In the end she made a wonderful piece which can now be seen on the outside of her house.

Our last homemade project comes by way of Susan D.  This is another one of her famous Stained glass and copper pipe 3D creations that looks completely elegant.  I'll say this-- when I need to bend copper pipe I'll be talking to Susan for hints and tips!


First up in our projects under construction is Barbara's Three Tulip Panel which is all ground and she ready to be foiled.   I have a sneaking suspicion that this may be finished when she returns to class which means that I need to get an Iris pattern drawn out for her to begin when she comes back in.

Bee's avant-garde Flower Window is almost completed already just one week into its creation.  She only has two flowers left to cut out and grind and then she'll be ready to move along to her border and soldering.

Here's an Angel that I haven't seen made in about 20 years.   When Mary Grace brought it to my attention it immediately brought back memories of making stained glass in PA 20+ years ago.   Can it really be that long ago?  At any rate, the pattern is here in Louisiana with us now and is a part of our stained glass repertoire again.

Shelley is making a Baby Girl Suncatcher complete with a pink bonnet.  These are always wonderful presents for newborns and Shelley has some incredibly perfect fits with the glass that she's ground at this point.  And better yet, all of her curves are beautiful and graceful.  This is going to be a special gift.
Susan R began cutting out a Flower Teapot/Coffeepot Suncatcher while she was in class and has already begun grinding it.  After her bird Feeder project this one should go very quickly for her.
Cindy managed to get three different colored 12 piece Feathers cut and ground while she was in class.   There's a shot of what they look like on the left of the picture but the feather was done in white so it's VERY hard to see.  The other two feathers are under the white one and you can see the three layers of glass stacked on top of each other in the closeup shot on the right of the picture.
Cheryl got her Lighthouse Window completely ground this week and moved on over to the wrapping stage of this windows construction process.   It surely won't be long now!  She's taken it home to finish wrapping it and then she'll be able to even solder the front side of this if she'd like to. 

Lisa tacked the center panel of her Anchor Window together after she re-cut two pieces that bothered her.  She asked if I thought they were a problem and I gave her my stock answer:  "Since you're asking you must see that there's a problem and it must bother you so yes, I'd re-cut them."    She did that, they now fit beautifully, and then she even completed the USCG top panel before she left class.  That leaves a small 2021 bottom panel to go before she's ready for border(s).
When Lara does windows, she DOES windows!  She only has one more building left to add windows to before she adds some roofs to her buildings and then a sky.   It's all coming together perfectly now.

Ann's Cross window is moving along at warp speed.  In just one night she got all of the Cross itself ground which means that she can wrap it when she returns.  Before she does that I want to ask her if she wants to add two little pieces to possibly balance it out more evenly.  Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees and that's what I think happened here.  Now that it's all ground I see that the forest may possibly want two more trees.

With all of her pieces ground and the majority of them having been wrapped Melissa is about ready to add a border to her Calico Wine Cats Window.   She's definitely going to border it in white to complete the window frame and then she's going to decide if she wants to add another colored border just to frame it all out.
With the Mascot portion of his Nicholls Window all ground and wrapped Kerry is ready to tack this together and add a border.    The placement is off  in the picture below as the dog will actually rest atop the Nicholls logo rather than the way I have it pictured here.

Linda L got more of her bordered bevels cut out and ground which means that she can wrap and tack these when she returns.   I know that she's already completed one of these but I forgot to get a picture of it.  I think we'll see these finished soon so we'll have a much better look at what these look like when Linda returns. 

Helen began working on an LSU window while she was home but ran into a few problem pieces which slowed her down.   She has 3 pieces to re-cut and then she'll get a border on this when she comes back in.   I get the feeling that Helen completely understands why we always cut our inside curves first before making any other cuts on the glass.
With all of soldering completed on both the front and back side of her window Martha only has to add some zinc channel to this and then wash it to finish it off.  This will be completed upon her return with PLENTY of time to begin a new project.

Two weeks ago Mary and I cut a chunk of black glass so she could fill in the background pieces of her circle and diamond border.  Alas, that chunk of glass was just a tad bit short on making it all the way around her  window leaving her just 12 pieces short.   To make things a little easier she ground, wrapped and tacked together the pieces she managed to cut out and next week she'll cut the remaining pieces. If you look closely you can tell that I just set her window on top of some black glass on the lower right of the border so you wouldn't see the white pattern poking through.

Hexagonish Window number two is well under way this week as MiMi finished soldering the front side of her newest Honeycomb window and then flipped it over and began working on the back side.

Betty is on a roll with her Spiral Christmas Trees and Flower Angels. These six pieces only need wire work to finish them off.

Lastly there's Sheri who has all of her background ground and only needs to redo three pieces of glass which will be done AFTER she tacks all of this together.   She still needs to wrap all of the background glass but I believe that foiling is one of Sheri's strong points so it won't take long before this window gets a border cut for it.

So that's it for this week.  See you later!


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