Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Introducing MasterMetal Pre-Patinaed Solder




        Pre-Patinaed Solder 

           60/40 and 50/50 




Product Features

  • MasterMetal Solder maintains a liquid state longer allowing you to create smoother solder lines
  • Low melting point temperature
  • Convenient 1 lb spool
  • Pre-Patinaed lead means that you no longer need work with messy patina
  • Special waxed core allows you to simply wash and hang - no waxing required!


Product Description

Glass artists need a very specific mix of chemicals to be applied to their solder to get a smooth and clean finish on their work.  Our pre-patinaed leads save you both time and money.  Our patented wax core means that you never have to wax your windows again.  An excellent choice for beginners as well as experienced glass crafters. 

For use on copper foiled seams and lead came seams only.  Melting temperature: 361° - 376°F.

COMING SOON: Pre-Patinaed Black Lead!

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