Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Like a Fish Out Of Water

Well, it's been a while but we're about to play catch up during the next few days. Somehow March has managed to slip away without my completing any Blog updates so I have 4 weeks worth of pictures to share with everyone. Let's start off with Paul's Terrarium. Here we get to look at it all cleaned up and ready for plants. The biggest question is, how do you get the plants in it? And the answer is simple-- you lift the top off of it. Once the plants are in place the lid gets snapped back on and from there on out it pretty much takes care of itself. This was a fun project for Paul to make and a very functional one as well.

Janice has completed her Aeroscope this week. If you recall, all she had left to do was to clean up the body, add the mirrors and make 2 glass wheels to reflect colors in the mirrors. Grace decided that she'd help make one of the wheels so by the end of the night this airplane was ready to fly (but not literally). These make such great gifts it's no wonder so many people make them.

This is Terry's completed Mallard window that she made almost completely at home. She brought it in so we could put some brass channel around it and to let us take a picture. Terry is really keeping busy with stained glass projects and she's getting better and better with each one. Great job!

As I said, Terry made 95% of her Mallard window while at home so now we get a look at what she's been doing while she's in class. Her highly stylized Fleur De Lis is very near completion. All that's left to go is a final border and she'll be able to start soldering this. There were a lot of intricate cuts in this window and it's all coming together nicely. I can't wait to see it completed which should be soon.

Julie has been working on sections of her quilt window and has her latest square not only cut but ground and half wrapped as well. She's taken the rest home with her to wrap so this one is just about finished which puts here more than a 3rd of the way through her entire quilt window.

This week also saw Patty get her background cut for her address window. She couldn't do the background until the numbers were ground and wrapped along with the corners. Doing it this way ensured that everything fit together snugly. All that's left is the final border and some solder and then this will end up on her front porch.

Wow, Anita's window is REALLY coming together now. It's pretty well tacked together and all that she needs to do is fill in some missing pieces and add a border before she starts soldering this window. Undersea windows have become very popular lately and I think the variety of colors that you can use in them has a lot to do with their popularity.

Roxie has begun making Oil Scopes. An oil scope is an interesting variation of a kaleidoscope that uses a clear tube filled with oil and glitter to make the symmetrical patterns. Since the speed and density of the falling glitter varies with each use you never get the same image twice and you don't have to manually move anything to make the image appear. I really can't wait to see the multicolored scope completed. Roxie is the first person to use this type of glass and it lends itself perfectly for a project like this.
And lastly we have Ray and Paul's combined project, the Court Jester window. The pattern is uniquely styled and I must say that I really like it. It's intricate without being overwhelming and you can really go wild with colors in this if you want. Look how nicely those pieces fit into place. The thing is-- they aren't even ground yet! I must say that Ray and Paul would appear to have wonderful teachers! :-)
There are only 3 more posts to go before we get caught up here, expect another update notice in a day or 2.

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