Sunday, January 8, 2012

Look! He's Planking!

"Little darling, It's been a long, cold lonely winter. Little darling, It feels like years since it's been here. Here comes the sun, Here comes the sun, and I say, It's all right."

You just can't go wrong starting things off with a Beatles quote. And I can't help but think of 'Here Comes The Sun' whenever I see this window made. I've always found the border of this window to be interesting in it's simplicity because it doesn't even completely surround the sun. the sad thing is that although I can recall the drawing the face comes from the border itself may or may not be my own design. Anyway, Anita made this window almost completely at home and she did a great job at that.

Anita also made this Fleur De Lis one night when she was looking for something quick and simple to do. If I'm not mistaken she drew the pattern herself.

Ann has completed the second of her small Accent Windows. It's the same of the first but she changed the colors to match the larger, more complex version she just finished. The original small window will just be a hanging piece while this one goes into a wooden frame.

Susan finished her 3 Card Holders and how professional do these look to you? This is another example of how such a simple pattern can become a stunning gift. And did I mention that they're functional as well as beautiful? :-)

Sonia has begun working on something that will very well turn out to be a big attention getter. It's not every day that you see a skull in a top hat looking out the top of a stained glass box. With the skull all cut out and mostly ground Sonia is well on her way to having this finished before you know it.

Bonnie saw Roxie's Fleur De Lis box and loved the top so much she decided to make the small Fleur De Lis windows using the same pattern. There are only 2 borders left to cut and then Bonnie will be soldering these and getting them ready to hang.

Dianne has made some quick progress on the first of her window with a hint of Victorian flair. She'll be soldering this one before you know it.

Roxie's frames are almost completed. While I was taking this picture she was skimming the black border of the second one. Rest assured that everything is cut and all she has to do is solder these together to finish these off.

Cindy is just about through with all the cutting and grinding for all of her Hand Mirrors. This is one of the last ones so expect to see a ton of these completed soon! And kudos to Cindy for using so many pins to keep her project secure while she's grinding. If you stop your project from shifting while you are grinding you are almost 100% assured of a perfect fit when you wrap everything and tack it together.

Cindy has also been working on this Blue Dog Window with a red Alligator. It's all cut out and almost completely ground already. And do you see all those little yellow dots? Those are pins holding everything in place. Cindy has certainly seen the light and her windows have been fitting together perfectly!

Next we look at yet another project being worked on by Anita. This is her first circular window and the pattern seems to be a big hit with all the students that see it. I've always liked working on geometric windows and this one looks like it's a fun one to start with. There's beauty in Symmetry and this window proves it.

Myrt is really moving along now with her Flowers and Dragonfly Window. With the bulk of her pieces ground she'll be soldering this before we know it. She's left the sun section blank so she can tack everything else together and make sure that nothing shifts so that the stems of her cat-tails line up perfectly with the stems that cut through the sky. It's a simple precaution that makes for a perfect fit when her window is completed.

Okay, I know I said that Sonia's Skull in a Top Hat box was very original but Fran's Donkey Window is right up there when it comes to being memorable. Fran's worried about getting the teeth lined up so she's going to save that part for class. The rest of this will be pretty well completed.

Patty has a lot of background filled it now. Sadly, you just can't see it in the picture below. She still needs to decide on a color for her border which will be attached quicker than she might think.
Terry's Red fish window is just about finished. She got the front all soldered and then attached the final border. She's going to take this home and solder up the back side there. Expect to see this completed in the next update.

Since she couldn't solder the back side of her window without having the border attached Terry decided to start another window. This is another one of her own designs and if you can't tell what it is then you don't watch enough Football!

And that abut wraps things up here. We're a little more than a month away from Christmas (here in the Blog) so expect things to heat up as our students work some long, hard hours to get their projects done in time to become Christmas gifts!

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