Monday, March 21, 2016

The Big Gender Reveal

Let's start things off with a quick but VERY important tip.  The glass pieces that you cut will only ever be as precise as the pattern pieces that you trace them from.  When drawing your pattern be sure to take your time and make all of your curves flow smoothly.   The same rule applies when cutting up your pattern with scissors.  The circle on the left isn't nearly as smooth as it should be.  Compare it to the circle on the right and you'll see what I mean.  Starting with an accurate pattern will make your job of cutting and fitting pieces together much easier.  When using scissors be sure to open them nice and wide. Small cuts make uneven cuts as you can clearly see in the circle on the left.

Linda F really outdid herself on this patriotic window.  Her eagle is majestic and the flag flows brightly and beautifully behind it.  Great colors and excellent cutting brought this window together wonderfully.  What you don't see is just how small these pieces are.  This window is just 12 inches wide!  It shouldn't have been easy to cut or fit together but it was certainly easy for Linda.

Jeanne completed her pair of Beveled Crosses this week and what a great pair these are.  Symmetry is the key here and Jeanne did a great job with that.  You just can't lose with this cross design.


Linda L completed her window this week and it's instantly recognizable as the United States Air Force Logo.  She's really learning a lot with each project that she makes and she needs less and less help with each passing week.  Pretty soon she won't need us anymore! 

Bonnie completed her Bunny in a Hat suncatcher and it's another winner.  And she completed it just in time for Easter as well.  Nice work!

Rowena made a pair of Rabbits as well this week.  Hers are a little different from the one that Bonnie made but the sentiment is still the same: Happy Easter!

Our last completed project this week is Mary Grace's clear textured Candle Holder.  Straight lines are always problematic but Mary Grace has pistol grip cutting skills so this went together nicely in her jig.  Everything lined up perfectly and now all it needs is a candle in it.

Sheri's Stylized Fleur De Lis Window is ready for it's border!  She got her background glass all cut out and ground this week and has taken the pieces home with her to wrap.  Hopefully she won't be nearly as nervous wrapping her background while at home as she was with her Fleur De Lis pieces.  He background glass isn't bumpy at all so I think she'll have a real easy time with it.

Beck S's Swirling Geometrical window is all cut out now.  She covered her background pieces completely with foil (which you can see in the picture of the left) and then covered all of the foil with solder when she tacked them into place.  Next she cut out a border for her window which means that she will begin soldering this when she comes back.  Be sure to enlarge this picture to see what a difference a little solder makes.

Betty is almost ready to solder her latest Jester Face but it's her Butterfly that I fell in love with this week.  It's a great pattern and she used fantastic colors in it.  I can't wait to hang this up and get some light behind it.

Ann's begun cutting the final fancy borders to her Cross Transom Window.  She made excellent progress on it with only the ribbons and the background left to cut out. Ann grinds pretty quickly so I don't imagine that we'll be seeing her working on this window for too much longer.  Look how wonderfully everything fits together in this!

Carol is waiting on background glass to arrive and has started making these three Bird Suncatchers in the meantime.  As you can see, they're already tacked together which means that these will easily be completed when we see them again.  Carol certainly doesn't waste any time when she starts working on a project.   I apologize for the drunkenness of the birds-- I took the picture upside down and was more worried about them being in focus rather than paying attention to what directions they were in!  They'll fly straight next week and that's a promise.

Gale's Magnolia Window is only a handful of pieces away from being completely ground.  She's taken her pieces home to wrap so I have no doubt that we'll see this tacked together when she comes back into class.

Jan began working on her first window and it's a study in straight cuts.  One might think that this is a simple project but it is very important to keep all of the lines straight or the entire effect is ruined.  Jan had a lesson in using the pistol grip cutter to ensure that her cuts don't waver and she's already gotten one of her six clear textures all cut out.  Great job!

Shelley came in with this Red Fish pattern that amazingly enough is a pattern that one of our weekend workshop students wants to make as well.  Shelley has one class in on this and has the sand and the rocks cut out leaving just the fish and the water left to go.  It's a large window and the fish is complex so this may take a little time.  (The pattern she's building this on is colored so it's hard to see exactly what's be cut out and what hasn't.)

Barbara is starting a second Butterfly Lawn Ornament and is moving right along.  She's taken glass home with her to work on during the week so who knows what she'll come back into class with.  All I know is that this pair of butterflies will certainly look great when she solders them together.

Jeannette is ready to begin cutting out the background pieces for her Peacock Window.  The hard work is behind her now and the rest of this will certainly be a piece of cake.  In fact, I expect to see all of the background cut when she comes back in.  It's going to be THAT easy! Jeannette has picked her inner border glass so we cut the strips and have them laid out to give you a better feel for what this window will look like when it's completed.

Charlie finished all of the soldering on his first Bird Of Paradise Window and it's quite large.  The picture below has been rotated and the boards that you see behind the window are actually one of our large glass racks.  Charlie will be washing and waxing this window when he comes back in so expect to see this completed in our next post.  Then Charlie can move along to his mirror image version of this window (which is just as big!)

Linda F started work on this Turkey but I'm unsure if it will be a window, a suncatcher or a Lawn Ornament.  I'll know for certain when she returns and that's good enough for me.

Vickie's Geometric Window is all cut and ground save for its border but we won't be adding that until what you see below is all wrapped and tacked together.  When Jeannette made this she brought it back and added a second border to it which makes me wonder if Vickie will put two borders on hers as well.  


Brenda's JP Window is all ready for it's border and then a quick soldering.  The border won't take long at all so I know she'll have her soldering tip to the metal when she returns.  And she's a great solderer so who knows how far along this will be when we see it next.


Linda L worked on three Bunny Windows while she was sick at home last week and she began cutting all of the background glass for them while she was in class this week.  I only have a picture of two of them but these are almost completed already and the third one isn't far behind!

Terry's Swirling Flowers Window is being foiled and it's really looking great now.  All the pieces are fitted perfectly and the copper foil around the pieces gives us a good idea of just what this will look like when it's completed.

Martha got two of her crawfish cut out leaving just two more to go.  Filling in the background will be easy enough but there's still a lot of wrapping to do on this project.  But wrapping is relaxing so she  won't have a problem with that at all.  Or will she?  (Not everyone finds wrapping as relaxing as I do and I honestly don't know how Martha feels about foiling.)

Sue has moved on to two more hats this week and they're beautiful.  She's doing mirror images again because these will also be Lawn Ornaments when they are completed (which I'm assuming will be next week knowing how Sue works).


Myrt's Cross De Lis only needs to get its border wrapped and tacked into place before we add a brass channel to it.  Once that's done all it will need is a coat of solder on the front and back and this will be as good as completed.

As fate would have it, Rowena's original Bevel Cluster  arrived right after she ordered a replacement Bevel Cluster.  She's looked over both of them and has decided that although they are incredibly similar she likes her original choice best.  So this week we got to see her begin wrapping her new cluster.  By the end of class it was wrapped and ready to be tacked together. 

Cindy's LSU Tiger De Lis Window is ready to be wrapped.  She'll be putting quarter sections of FDL's in each of the corners and just for good measure she's decided to give this window a nice, fancy, triple border.  It's time consuming to do but worth every extra minute.

And Susan's got even more Eggs ready for foiling.  At this point in time I'm thinking she has a dozen of these getting ready to be soldered and staked so they can be used as Lawn Ornaments.

This is the latest American Flag Lawn Ornament that Mary Grace is working on and you can clearly see how nicely she's moving along on this one.  Things are fitting better than ever and her curves flow more smoothly than they ever have.  With half of this wrapped I'd say there's a good chance that she'll have this completed next week.

And in the end we take a look at the pattern that Becky B is using for her Iris Window.  She discovered the hard way that having your pattern pieces traced onto poster board makes transferring them to glass MUCH easier.  These will be Rust colored Irises which I think are going to look great. Oh, and there's a Dragon Fly in there as well.

Wow, I can't believe how hard it is for me to keep track of who's making what.  It took me over a half an hour to hunt down the fact that Rowena made the pair of Bunnies this week.  Yikes.  I guess it's time for me to start taking notes!


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