Monday, June 20, 2022

MiMi's Gonna Measure

Cindy's Heron Window came together this week in a stunning way. She utilized an old trick of mine by matching the border to little used color that the window already contains.  In this case it was the glass that she used for the Cat Tails.  You have to admit that her border choice really pulls this all together.

Martha's latest Franklin Street Light Window utilizes a Black and white motif  with just a hint of brilliant yellow thrown in as an accent color.  Her use of black Fractures and Streamers Glass allowed her to make a black and white window without having it appear oppressively dark.  Sometimes you just have to think outside of the box.

Check out this Vase of Roses and Rose Buds that Susan D has assembled.  Presentation means so much and these four flowerpot ornaments as single entities would surely be beautiful but arranged together inside of a mosaic vase they become a whole new sensational entity. And guess what?  No water required, no green thumb necessary.  (Just some stained glass talent.)

Cindy put together this abstract Geometric Teardrop suncatcher using scraps she had on the table.   It was a spur of the moment project and she's created something from essentially nothing that will most likely sell in the very near future.  Her edge work and the way her pieces fit together are beautiful on this.
Susan D also finished another Bird on a branch.   That window of hers is filling up quickly now!



Mary began work on her Cardinal and Sunflowers Window that someone else saw the pattern for when it was on the wall.  Mary got all of this cut out and most of it ground entirely at home in just one week.  That's impressive!


Here's the second version that Martha was busy working on while at home also!   It's amazing how much similar progress has been achieved on these two separate windows.  Martha and Mary aren't even in the same class so neither of them knew that they would both be working on the same pattern with just slightly different color schemes.

Barbara now has four panels ground for her Flower Panel Lamp which puts her at the halfway point. These are simple to solder so once she has the remaining four panels ground she'll easily be able to put all eight panels together to form her lamp.
Judy has most of her Teddy Bear cut out and she's flying through the creation of this window.  She doesn't waste time that's for sure and I have little doubt that when we next see this she'll be ready to begin grinding all of her glass.
Check this out!  June has the center heart and all of it's 'accessories' cut and ground.   She's taken it home so she can wrap all of the pieces and hopefully get it tacked together upon her return.  If that happens she'll easily get the 5 background pieces cut out and possibly even some or all of her border glass.  Yes, June is well past the hardest part of this window.

I'm falling in love with Melissa's Heron Window.   The colors that she's used all throughout this are spectacular.  Sadly, you can't really see that in the picture because there's no light behind it but when this is hanging up in a window-- oh my, it will take your breath away!
Here's another window that's come together practically overnight.  Let has used a nice mix of clear textured glass and Fractures and Streamers to make up the background of her Hummingbird Window.  She then matched one of the borders to the pink that she used in the flowers and finished it off with another border done in a textured clear glass.   This will surely be completed when we next see it again.


Susan D has designed her own Plate Window which looks like Flowers on a Vine.  All of the pieces have been separated but not cut out perfectly.   Some of the pieces have deep cuts along thin edges so Susan is going to use her glass saw to get those out.   Part of the problem Susan had with this is that he background glass is heavily textured so she couldn't simply cut the window out in reverse since she couldn't score on the textured back side.   However, we came up with a solution and it's working.  I can't wait to see what she comes in with next Wednesday.
With all of the glass cut for her second Peacock Window (save for the background) Mary Grace has begun wrapping all of those pieces in copper foil.  Once they are wrapped she'll tack this together and then she'll cut out the background which will ensure a nice, perfect fit.

We're at a bit of a standstill here with Cheryl's Tree Of Life Window.  Due to a series of unfortunate events she's missing pieces of glass and no longer has paper pattern pieces that match what remains to be cut out.  Sooooo,  she's wrapping and tacking together what she has completed and then we're going to trace out a new set of paper pattern pieces.  It's by far the easiest and quickest way to handle this situation.
This week Kerry worked on Grinding his Circular Magnolia Window and he's already at about the halfway point.  Based on what he accomplished this week I'm going to predict that he will have the rest of this ground by the time his next class ends.  And for the record, he's really taken his grinding skills to the next level on this!

Shawn's got about five pieces of background glass left to cut but we're going to have to get them from a second sheet of glass since all her remaining scraps from the first sheet are small pieces.  This week she got her thin accent border cut and ground which was made out of Fractures and Streamers.   Yes, everyone loves this glass and as you can see, this window is nearing its completion.

MiMi's last (yes, it's the LAST one!) Hexagon Window is WELL under way.  Look out because I suspect that there will be curved pieces of glass in MiMi's near future!  I'm pretty sure she's anxious for that...

Susan R started working on a second large Rosebud Flowerpot Ornament only with a different color scheme.  Wouldn't you know it, by the time class was finished with she had it all cut and ground.   This delicate design is proving to be very popular indeed. 
And here's Roberts latest Window all cut out and being foiled as I type this.  I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be another completed project that we get to look at next week because by my count Robert only has 18 pieces of glass left to wrap before he starts soldering this-- and he's taken those pieces home to foil at some point throughout the week.

Now who could be making a Bird on a Branch?  Yep, it's Susan D!  This one is all cut out so it will be in her window along side all of the other birds that Susan has made before you know it.

To wrap this all up I'm posting a picture of Ann who's currently fulfilling a 'bucket list' item way acroos seas in Spain.  She's taking part in the The Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James) by walking Europe's longest and most storied pilgrimage route, staying in historic monasteries and centuries-old paradors along the way. It's been a dream of hers and now she's living the dream!  We all wish her the very best!

Just because this post is finished it doesn't mean that we won't be back soon.  Remember to look for a new stained glass tip before the week's end! 

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