Friday, June 10, 2022

Pattern Maintenance

Every once in a while students will trim the 'excess' paper away from the edge of their pattern.  This is something you should never do.  The pattern on the left has a lip of paper surrounding the entire pattern which allows you to secure a carpenter's square on it which in turn will help keep your four corners at nice right angles.  The pattern on the right is a perfect example of what you shouldn't do to your pattern-- it's trimmed too close.  Avoid this problem at all costs.

 Here are a few more patterns tips that you should always follow:

  • If you are tracing your pattern to make a copy, trace it with a colored pen rather than the standard blue or black ink.  It makes seeing what you've already traced much more apparent without having to look under the carbon paper.
  • Dry your glass thoroughly when grinding so that your pattern doesn't get wet and become wrinkled when it dries. 
  • Never solder on top of your pattern.  Once the front of your window is all tacked together remove the pattern and replace it with blank paper.  This will prevent pattern burning.
  • Always keep paper under your window especially if the second side isn't soldered (and NEVER solder your second side until all of the glass that makes up the window has been attached and the front side is COMPLETELY soldered.)

These are just a few tips that will help keep your patterns looking their best for re-use further on down the line.


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