Monday, January 23, 2023

It Depends On Who's Holding It

Susan D completed her Linking Bevels Suncatcher which twists and spins while radiating little rainbows when it's in the sunlight.   These go together quickly once you know the trick but cleaning these multi-beveled pieces is the real 'fun' part of the job.


Susan D can't get enough of  her 3D beveled pieces!  Along with her Linking Bevels Susan managed to completed this Moravian Star as well.  And there's surely more on the way since she took more 3x3x3 bevels home to wrap and tap.


Susan R put the finishing touches on her newest Pansy Flower Pot Ornament.   This is built on 5 different layers which makes the cutting go far easier than if Susan had to cut out the deep curves around the front darkest flower petals.   Layers made this a much easier pattern.

Nancy isn't quite a new student but she made a Butterfly with us this week while she filled in Steve's open spot in the class.   Nancy was worried about her abilities when it came down to cutting glass but she breezed through the glass cutting lesson with the greatest of ease.   She did a wonderful job and her stunning green/gold Butterfly proves that she had no problems whatsoever.

Long ago I had seen a Beaded Spider online and had to see if I could figure out how to make them myself.   I purchased enough beads to make two of them and the first one went together easily but I got distracted while making the second one and wasn't able to focus on my counting out the beads for each leg and put it all away.  I found it the other day and this time around my counting was perfect and this stylish Spider was completed.  You really have to see this in the sunlight to truly appreciate it.



Edmee began work on her first window with us this week and she decided to go with a Yin and Yang design.  The curves are plentiful in this design so we sectioned it off into some smaller pieces so that if a thin edge broke she wouldn't have to use another square foot of glass to replace it.  So far though, Edmee has succeeded in cutting out everything without any breaks and even has half of the window ground already.

Judy got almost all of her crab window cut out in one night but was short one piece of glass due to the grain lines limiting the placement of the pattern pieces on the glass.   Judy will cut that missing piece when she returns with some more of that glass and then begin grinding.


Lisa worked on a large suncatcher of a colorful Luna Moth.   This circular piece is about 8 inches in diameter and I can't wait to see what texture and/or shade of green she'll be using to finish this off.   Of course, she can always go with a color other than green but since she colored in her pattern I'm just assuming that will be the color.

June has her cat all ground and wrapped which means that she'll be cutting out a background for this upon her return.  She's decided to make that cat sit on something rather than have it suspended in a clear background but we haven't worked out the exact details yet.  We'll see what she decides upon when we return next week. 

Annette's Angels Window has been all cut out and now she's in the midst of grinding it all together. I know it's hard to see but the  clear glass that she's using for the angel wings is made of iridized waterglass.  That means that not only will it have a multi-colored effect to it, it will also have some texture as well.  That we'll see when it gets some light behind it.
Susan D is working on a Multicolored Starburst Suncatcher.  That pattern has been modified slightly since you've last seen this so that each piece the same.  Yep, all eight pieces of glass were cut from one pattern piece.  Nice.

Mary Grace's window is experiencing a novel 'WELLNESS'  due to all of the new red letters and white background glass  that she cut out this week.  Once they are ground and tacked together the final word 'HOUMA' should be a piece of cake!
This week Jan got the center of her Our Lady of Guadalupe Window tacked together and then set upon cutting out the final radiating background pieces that reach out to the border of this piece.  We were missing two of the pattern pieces so those will be cut after the rest of the pieces have been tacked together.  Since Jan took the ground pieces she'd ground home to wrap I'm pretty sure that we'll see this get a border cut when she comes back in.

Speaking of borders, MiMi's Traditional Window now has its pair of borders attached and is now being soldered.    With the front side being nearly completed I do believe that this will be finished next week.   Once that's done MiMi will begin work on the second matching window for this pair.

Sheri has her first Dragonfly almost completed.   With the filigree wings and the body all tacked together Sheri then set upon making a small decorative background and border to hold the dragonfly together and give it some personality.
It's official-- Angie has all of her Seafood not only cut out but ground as well.  She's going to wrap all of these pieces and then tack them together so that her newsprint background glass can be arranged in a manor that will make it appear to be a complete continuous sheet (or two) of newspaper underneath all of the food. 


Cindy's Dog Window is coming together quickly especially when you take all of those background pieces into consideration.   People often tell me that their window has no background glass because there is no clear glass surrounding the subject but there is ALWAYS a background.  It's whatever is residing behind the main subject, which in this case is a veritable field of flowers. 
Let's Rose Bud Window got it's two borders attached and then she set upon soldering it.  With the front side complete it's a safe bet to say that this will be among our finished pieces in our next post.

Melissa's Address Window is being ground now that her clear seafoam background glass  has been cut.   These are nice large pieces with sweeping curves so the grinding process should go pretty quickly for her, especially since her cutting is top notch.
Linda F is nearing completion on her Abstract Curves Window which we've learned will hang in a landscape orientation  rather than in the portrait position as I have been showing in in the past two weeks.  Either way is fine, in fact, there's not even a 'correct' top and bottom when it comes to a design like this.  It's all about what looks best to the person who owns it.

Martha's Sewing Machine is almost completely ground with only the clear glue chip background needing to be fitted into place.   Because we want the background to fit the sewing machine we don't grind the background until the sewing machine is ground perfectly.   Once that's done she'll make the background align with the sewing machine.   You NEVER want to alter your subject matter to fit within the background pieces-- you always work in the other direction.

Cheryl finished grinding her Cardinal and then began wrapping all of her pieces.   She had a problem with one piece of sky and a piece of the branch that the Cardinal is sitting on but when she gets this tacked together she will easily fill in those two missing pieces.
And there you have it. 

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