Monday, January 16, 2023

Please Be Kind, Rewind

Linda L came in with a mission and a deadline:  Make one Invitation Box in just three hours.  As you can see, she did it!  These double border boxes are rich with elegance and Linda's work just took the entire project to a whole new level.



Let's Rose/Cross is absolutely stunning like all her other work with us.  Perfect curves and a wonderful color combination make this elegant Cross come to life. 


Susan D made these two colorful suncatchers in record time.  As sensational as the Peacock Feather is I must say that the Starburst Flower Design really catches my eye due to its rock solid symmetry.  You can easily judge how talented a stained glass artist is by looking at any of their work that features symmetry.  It's safe to say that Susan's eye for balance is spot on.

A butterfly can mean only one thing and that's a new student!  Edmee had no problem whatsoever in cutting, grinding, or even soldering her first piece with us.   She'll be working on a Yin Yang Window when she comes back in and I can't wait to see her dive into that piece!

Sheri has two different Dragonflies in the works and both feature filigree wings.  She's the first person in the shop to make the wings out of something other than clear glass and those orange wings she picked for the top Dragonfly look absolutely STUNNING!

Ann wanted to make a small window of St Joseph and Jesus working in the carpentry shop and this is the image we came up with.  There's going to be an added touch at the end that even Ann doesn't know about yet so this will get very interesting, very soon!
Let is making what has become a staple in our classes.   This Rosebud Window  has been made many times and in many different sizes.  Let is making a small 12 x 12 version and it's, as you can already see, divine. 

Meanwhile, June's Cat is adorable!  Now that she has it completely ground she's able to begin wrapping so she can then tack it together and decide if she wants it centered in a piece of background glass or sitting on a table/floor before adding the background glass.  Decisions, decisions...

Cindy's Dog Window is really shaping up as she got all of the green background glass cut out along with four of the seven flowers!   You can already see just how great this window is going to look when it is completed.
Angie's Seafood Window is about getting to the point where we will have to fire the kiln so we can make some 'newspaper' glass.  With just a handful of pieces left to grind Angie will surely be wrapping pieces when we next see her.
Linda F's Abstract Curves Window was completely cut out while she was in class this week.  Those little yellow dots that you see in the lower right of the window are pin heads which means that Linda has already begun grinding her pieces and that this window will be done before you know it.

Melissa only had numbers completed on her Address Window when she walked in the door but she now has a healthy chunk of this window cut out now.   There are only two colors left for her to decide on, her background and her border.   Trust me, it will all be smooth sailing after that!

And suddenly three panels become one large window!  Roxane got her Nativity scene all tacked together and the only thing left to do is add a double border around it.   It will be a Merry day indeed when this is completed and that will be soon.

MiMi got her first border attached and yes it's beveled.  After that was finished she moved along to the second dark steel blue border.   Next she'll add corner pieces and then solder this so she can  move on to the second window of this series of two.
Shelley's Peaking Cat Window Ornament is all cut out and coming together now that he's being ground..  He looks odd only because he has no pupils in his eyes yet.  That WILL be handled though.

Martha was busy grinding her night away and she's working from the bottom up on her Sewing Machine Window.  I'll just simply state for the record that blue is my favorite color so you probably know what I think of her newest window... 

Susan R has a new 3D Pansy Flowerpot Ornament under construction and it's officially ready to be soldered and staked. The top may look a little bare but she was working on those petals when I snapped the picture.
It's hard to believe that these random bevels will be turned into two sparkling 3D hanging pieces with the help of Susan D's stained glass skills.  Next week we'll take a look at just what she makes with these and you WILL be amazed.

Judy has a crab window in mind to be made but she's currently unsure what color(s) she plans on making it out of.  We'll see what she decides on next week when she begins cutting out glass for this.
Th-th-th-that's all folks!!

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