Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hurricanes Gustav and Ike

As you all knowknow we lost five trees during Hurricane Ike. All of them graciously fell in the correct directions and landed on other trees or the ground. Had the largest one fell the wrong direction it would have easily crushed the shop. The property was a mess but we considered ourselves extremely lucky and began cleaning up.

Less then a week later Hurricane Ike decided to hit us with 32 inches of water in the shop. Cleaning up has been slow because the shop wasn't able to be our first priority. It is now and things are starting to look a lot better. We emptied the glass rack, scrubbed it all down along with all the glass from the bottom 2 rows (that's a lot of scrubbing and repricing let me tell you) and have all the glass situated again.

It's been a long month and we're not finished but the tables are back in the work room and we're able to have classes again. We don't have everything completed and probably won't for a while, but we'll manage to help everyone get their projects finished.


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