Monday, October 13, 2008

Little Shop Of Horrors

Fran's finished her latest Fleur De Lis window is completed and she hopes to be making some Mardi Gras masks next week. Frans soldering has come a long way since she started taking lessons. I didn't have to touch up anything at all on this.

Lea had tacked together a lot of bevels last week and this week she's begun to assemble the glass that surrounds them. Here you can see the 2 cabinet door inserts that she completed this week. since she has one door that is too narrow for a bevel to fit in it she simply filled it with a piece of her background glass. Talk about an easy window! :-)

Sheila has completed the last of her 4 cabinet door inserts! Next up for her is a larger door with a beveled center. We're not sure on the design yet but we have a basic idea in our heads. Come back next week and see what she's decided on.

Jane has her lamp all tacked together and we removed it from the mold. We help it up in the light and everyone agrees that it's beautiful. I won't show YOU what it looks like until it is completely finished and we can light it up in a darkened room for the full effect! Nonetheless, you can already see that it's incredible.

Grace cut all but the background of her window. After she ground everything she went to work on wrapping all her pieces. Now that the flowers have the copper foil on them you can see them against the pattern patter. She's going to add a clear textured background to this next week.

Cheryl came in and traced out the paper pattern to her Angel window. After cutting up the paper pieces she spent some time deciding on a color scheme which took a little while. But before she left she had almost all of this cut out! I think the only things left are the borders, the face and the hair. We'll see this being ground next week for sure. The biggest surprise we had this week was when Joey walked in the door and hung out with us. We don't get to see him much anymore and it was a pleasure to have him back in. Rocky Horror Picture Show, anyone? We've got to straighten out Cheryl's NetFlix list so she can watch the right movie! LOL

Janice finished grinding the last of her windows and as you can see it's stunning. She's got three of these all set to be tacked together and then she will begin on her background glass. You can see a similarity between this and Micheal's window (see the next picture) but you can also see how they are completely different in design. It's just the style that is similar.

Michael's window is shaping up now. She's begun grinding her pieces and she really only has the top section left to fit into place before she starts wrapping everything.

I believe that about covers it this week. We've painted the floors in the shop (LONG overdue) and the place looks so much better.

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