Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Tiffany Reproduction

Jane has completed her Peony Lamp! Although she was concerned when she started this project she had no trouble with it at all. She wasn't happy with the soldering she did but I touched up the rough spots and that took less than 20 minutes. All in all I'd say it's a job well done. I only wish the camera could have captured the colors better in the picture here.

Not to be outdone, Sheila came in and started this window from scratch-- no pattern or anything. When she left at the end of class she took her finished window with her and it was even mounted in the door. Talk about a fast turn around!

Lea completed another of her cabinet inserts. We'll be seeing a lot of these in all sorts of shapes and sizes over the next few weeks.

Janice worked on tacking the center of her first 3 windows and the she cut the 42 diamond accents. After grinding and wrapping them we tried to figure out the best way to cut out the background. The glass wasn't tall enough to cut in one piece but we managed a workaround and got most of it cut in record time. This window is really shaping up.

Grace has all of her cross window cut ground and wrapped. It was a little tricky getting this together since the cross cuts into the border on the top and bottom of the window. That makes it much more difficult to make sure the window ends up square but it is. And it's ready for solder. This will be finished next week for sure.

Cheryl ground all the pieces of her angel window and is ready to wrap it. There are a lot ofpieces in those wings but she completed it all in one night. She's taken it home to wrap so look for even more progress next week.

The floor in the glass/office section of the shop is painted and looking better than ever. Work has resumed on our orders and we're back on track here. We'll see you tomorrow with another Blog post!

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