Thursday, June 14, 2012

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Butterflies.  And I'm not talking about the beginner project variety.  I'm talking about the colorful, big, bold and the beautiful ones that Bonnie and Roxie made this week.

And the first one we're looking at is Bonnie's.  What you don't see are the 6 (or was it 8) hooks on the back side that will each hold a length of fishing line that will be connected to 6 (or 8)  pieces of colored glass that will act as wind chimes.  This was Bonnie's idea from start to finish and she really did a great job through the entire process.  I think it's safe to say that she has really got the hang of this stained glass making business.  :-)

Our next featured Butterfly was made by Roxie as a sort of 'in between' project.  She wanted to make something quick and easy but nothing that was plain or run of the mill.  This Lawn Ornament Butterfly attaches to a metal rod that she can push into the ground and decorate the yard with. The wings on this are offset at an angle so it has a very prominent 3D effect that's hard to see here.


This Dog Window that Cindy made was done as a memorial for a friends pet that had recently passed away.  It was drawn from a picture of the actual dog so it's pretty exact right down to the 2 different colored eyes.  Cindy has a nice eye for detail and it shows in her work.   I'm sure someone is really going to love this window.

Myrt 'knocked out' another cross this week and it's a beauty.   She even went around the outside edges of this one herself (which is something I usually do for our students).   All these crosses that she's making are going to be gifts and I have to say that these make really excellent gifts.

Myrt also got this cross cut out and ground while she was in this week.  She'll probably foil this at home and come in with it completed next week unless she gives it away first.

I have to admit that I may be crediting this Flower Hand Mirror to the wrong person when I say that it is being made by Cindy.  There's a good chance it was cut out by Myrt but the burnt and well used pattern makes me believe that Cindy is the person making this flower hand mirror.  

There's no doubt, however,  that this is Ann's Large Flower Window.  She has the border on it and she's ready to solder this window!  There's a lot here to solder so it won't be completed next week but Ann is clearly headed towards the finish line with this project.  The hard part is completed and the rest of the work is just nice steady soldering.

Patty agonized over what color border to use on her Dragonfly Window and many, many pieces of glass were looked at but in the end everything looked flat, dull and boring next to her fancy background glass.  Sooooooo, we decided that the best thing to do was to forgo the border entirely and just use some strong zinc channel to frame out the window.  The zinc also gives the window a lot more strength than the brass channel would have.  I think we'll be seeing this one completed real soon now. 

Sonia's Pokeno Girls Window had a lot of glass out of the rack this week as well.  When you have 5 bright, vibrant colors in the center of a window you don't want one of them repeated in the border.  Sonia finally settle on an off-red piece of water glass that, in my mind, set off the women perfectly.  You may not be able to see it now but just wait until this is lit up from behind.  PERFECT!

For some reason Terry's window keeps coming up at the end of the Blog and the new version of Blogger makes moving pictures around so much harder than it was before.  I'm sure there's an easy way to do it but I haven't found it yet .  Anyway, Terry's window is completely wrapped now and she's ready to tack this and then decide what color glass to use as a border.  She's leaning towards a root beer (brown) glass and i think it will look great.  Trust me!

Lastly, because I happened to have a picture of it on the camera I'm posting a look at the top of our Last Supper Window for St. Jules Church.  At 4 feet tall it's a big window.  The bottom portion which features Judas scurrying away was tacked together yesterday so I'll be attaching the borders on it over this weekend.

That's it this time around.  We'll see you again on Saturday when I post the next update.

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