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Sept. 09 - Finished, Finished, Finished, Finished...

Wow, there are a LOT of completed projects this week. I was actually amazed when I saw how many there were in this post. So let's take a look and see what we have.

One of the big moments that everyone has been waiting for is to see Jane's latest lamp completed. And if you're reading this then you're in luck because this week we get to show it off. After making 3 of these lamps (or was it four?) Jane has decided to retire this pattern for a few months or more. She'll be making another lamp but her next one will have far more pieces than this one. You can't say she isn't adventurous!

Patty had her Sports De Lis window completed during her last class but it hadn't been washed or colored at that point in time. Now that it's cleaned up and ready to walk out the door we'll give you the full effect.

Not to be outdone, Grace finished up her Sports De Lis window on the same week. If it was a race to see who could complete their project faster I'd have to call this one a tie. There were very, very slight differences between the 2 patterns but nothing anyone would see unless they looked at the two of them under a magnifying glass. To make it harder to spot any differences I took one of the pictures from the back of the panel so we'd have mirror images rather than 2 of the exact same windows. Have fun trying to spot the differences (other than the obvious color changes).

Cheryl has completed her underwater scene and at almost 3 feet high it's a very impressive window. She's not sure what she'll be doing next but Christmas is almost upon us so gifts are probably going to become all the rage here in class. Maybe she needs to make some Oil Kaleidoscopes!

And speaking of Kaleidoscopes--We have not 1 but 2 (count 'em) Oil Scopes completed this week. Patty had decided to make one when she saw Roxie's 2 weeks ago. I'm positive that we'll be seeing more of these in Patty's future.

Suzy was another student to finish off an Oil Scope this week. All she had to do was insert the mirrors and then solder the end cap in place before she worked on the stand for this Scope. This is one of those projects absolutely needs a stand to finish it off. We make ours out of Glue Chip because it's cheap glass and it doesn't detract from the Kaleidoscope at all.

Here's a quick look inside Suzy's Oil-Scope. I took about 20 pictures but this was the only one that came out halfway decent. Regrettably, there's only a little color in this shot but trust me when I say that there's plenty to see when the scope is in action.

Now didn't I tell you that they'd be more Kaleidoscopes in Patty's future? She cut out these strips (a total of 14 pieces) just before she left class so she could take them home with her to wrap. Look for these to get assemble during Patty's next class.

Janice has started a new window and it doesn't involve Spectrum Tan or red glass. This Frog Window is for her grandson (Lakyn) and will match the one she did for her grand-daughter (Layla) back about 2 years ago. I realized after the fact that I didn't include the name "Lakyn" on the bottom of this one so I've readjusted the pattern and the change will show up in the next post. Luckily it was an easy fix.

Bonnie is now cutting backgrounds here in class and then wrapping like mad while she's at home. And she's a smart woman because now she's got her husband in on the act well. A family that does glass together.... Gee, I really don't know how to finish that one. At least I know it's not a bad thing! Look to see some of these windows completed real soon. (Note the #3 on her Fleur De Lis? That means that she has at least 3 sets of backgrounds cut out and ready for grinding.)

Meanwhile, Myrt has her coffee cup soldered together and set in the clear glass background. The only thing left to do on her Coffee Cup and the Coffee Pot panels is to solder them. And that means that we'll see these windows completed next week
Terry isn't wasting any time either. Her geometric design has its background all cut, wrapped and is now ready for solder. That means that this is another window that will be completed next week as well. At this point in time you readers must think I'm a slave driver during the classes! (Well, I am! lol)

Everyone is moving really quickly and we have even more students lined up to start. Classes are really filling up quickly so check with us again soon to see what everyone starts next!

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