Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sept 16th - Mouse Attack!

Here we go-- Bonnie's first (of many) completed Fleur De Lis window. She has a lot more in the pipeline in various states of completion so expect to be seeing a lot of these. They look great though, don't they?

And Terry has wrapped up all the work on her window. This one will be mounted against the existing glass so there isn't any need for hooks. Terry moved along quickly and efficiently on this window and she's planning on making at least one or two more projects down the line. I can't wait to see what she does next.

Myrt completed both of her cabinet doors. It's hard to take a picture of windows that involve clear glass because you can't see the glass at all. In this case we're seeing through to the grey table top which doesn't really allow you to see what these look like.

Roxie (a.k.a. the Cross Lady) is at it again. Here's a nice red cross made with a 1.5" bevel center. These things look easy enough but when push comes to shove they're a pain to grind. If they aren't symmetrical any mistakes stick out like a sore thumb. That makes grinding a crucial element in the construction of these crosses.

Suzy was back to work on her Caduceus window. It's all wrapped and tacked so she was able to cut the background easily enough and then grind it all to fit pretty quickly. They'll be a border to add to this and then a quick soldering job will finish it up.

Here's Janice's frog all cut out and ground. A lot of it is even wrapped already. As you can plainly see she's cut the leaves down from the top and the bottom. This will created enough room for us to put her grandson's name below the window.

Jane worked on her newest lamp-- she got all 90 pieces of her top grid work cut and ground. There are still a lot of pieces left to go before she can start taking this together but mark my words, it will get done.

Grace has started her newest project-- a New Orleans street scene. There are a LOT of pieces in this one but they're all easy cuts. And the charm of this window is not in the straight lines, but rather the imperfect lines that make it up. A little section at a time will go a LONG way to getting this window finished and I know Grace can do it.

And lastly we have a quick look at one of Bonnie's unbordered FDL windows. She and her husband have been hard at work cutting out backgrounds, grinding them and then tacking them all together. We'll be seeing finished versions of these for weeks to come I suspect!
That about does it for this post. See you all soon,

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